Sushi & Soul

Hi there! It’s Crossdresser Yukioko!
Thank you so much for always reading my blog. You’re like a shining little star!

It was a scorching day in Yokohama, Japan.
How was the weather in your neck of the woods?

I’ve been riding the Japanese blogging wave all this time,
but guess what? Starting today, I’m setting sail to reach
English-speaking shores too!
Get ready to hop on board and dive into a world of English articles!

I’m all about music and dressing up in style!
When I let the music flow through my soul in
the elegance of femininity,
that’s when I find my true happiness!

If you’ve caught even the slightest spark of
curiosity, make sure to drop by someday!
I’ll be here, eagerly awaiting your visit.
See you soon!

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