I want to be your adorable source of excitement, sweetie

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for individuals under 18 years of age.
The images primarily consist of
real-life pictures of my crossdressing,
creatively transformed into a more
artistic style.
If you’re looking for actual
crossdressing photos,
you can find them here → [here]

Hey there, lovelies!
It’s your girl, Crossdresser Yukioko, coming at you with some seriously cute vibes! 💕

Today, could I please talk a little about my absolute favorite music?

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

I grew up in a place called Yokohama in Japan,
but my parents always listened to foreign music,
so I, too, was influenced by them and mostly
listened to music from abroad, rather than Japanese music.

My parents were into UK pop and American rock
and country music primarily.

However, I developed a liking for
fiery rock and eventually got hooked on metal music.
The music that currently piques my interest the most is nu-metal and death metal.

I adore other metal genres as well, but let’s skip those today.
Can you imagine a crossdresser into metal music?

Well, it’s not a far-fetched idea. Nu-metal and death metal
offer an exciting vibe that resonates with crossdressing.
I’m always craving excitement, you see. So, when it comes to
fashion and music, I prefer things that pack a big punch

I’ll keep doing my best to be an exciting and adorable
presence for all of you.

Your support is greatly appreciated, so please continue to cheer me on!

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

Big thanks for tuning into this post, lovelies! Sending you all loads of gratitude. Let’s catch up again soon, shall we? Take care!

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