[In English] Erotic habits that can’t be stopped

Please note that this content is not suitable
for individuals under 18 years of age.
The images primarily consist of
real-life pictures of my crossdressing,
creatively transformed into a more
artistic style.
If you’re looking for actual
crossdressing photos,
you can find them here → [here]

Hey there, lovelies!
It’s your girl, Crossdresser Yukioko, coming
at you with some seriously cute vibes!

Today, we’re gonna dive into a slightly unusual topic,
but let’s have fun all the way to the end, okay?

Darling, as you’re reading this, have you ever had a habit
that you know you should quit but
just can’t seem to let go of?

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

You know, I’ve got some habits I’ve been meaning to break, but
there’s this one I just can’t seem to kick.
Let me spill the tea on that.

I do it around four times a month,
but I love waking up early for a cute little walk,
you know. And, of course,
I take those strolls all dolled up, showing off my pretty skin!

However, I sometimes commit
perverted acts during those walks

Even when I’m walking on a public road, I have a habit of
occasionally exposing
my lower body and exposing my clitoris.

I love taking selfies in public spaces,
but there’s this adorable little jitters in my heart, like,
‘Oh my gosh, what if someone sees me?’ as I snap away!

You can totally check out my outdoor selfies
in a cute little album right on my blog!
So, make sure to have a blast browsing
through them, sweetie, and come back for more fun!

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

Alright, then, let’s catch up again soon! Ciao, darling!

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