[In English] Harmonious Pursuits

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The images primarily consist of
real-life pictures of my crossdressing,
creatively transformed into a more
artistic style.
If you’re looking for actual
crossdressing photos,
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Hey there, lovelies!
It’s your girl, Crossdresser Yukioko, coming at you with some seriously cute vibes!

Wow, like, it’s almost been, you know, just a little over 2 months left of 2023, right? How’s everyone doing, like, seriously?

My friends are, like, always saying how the year just, like, flies by, but I’m, like, totally different. Since middle school, it’s like, time hasn’t really changed its speed for me. So, like, I still feel that a year, you know, it feels, like, so much longer for me than it does for other people.

you all know about that super amazing AI called chatGPT, right? So, like, a few months back, I asked chatGPT this question, you know? I was like, ‘Why does it feel like time is, like, slower for me than other people?’ And you know what GPT told me? It gave me this, like, totally fabulous answer. It was like, ‘Maybe it’s because you’re always, like, challenging yourself with new things?’ Like, apparently, if you keep challenging yourself with new stuff, time, like, slows down or something! Isn’t that, like, totally awesome?

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

When it comes to challenging new things, like, the biggest challenge I took on was when I was 14, you know? Like, I got my first-ever girlfriend at 14. That’s when I, like, started cross-dressing, too! And I, like, started my hobby of being in a band at 14. Plus, I, like, even began writing a diary around that time when I was 14.

Like, I’m totally up for challenging myself with new things in the future, you know? And come to think of it, there’s something that seems like I’ve done it before but I haven’t, you know? And that’s, like, uploading my own music to YouTube. I’ve run channels teaching stuff like PCs and programming, but even though I can compose, play, and record my own music, I’ve never, like, actually uploaded my original songs on YouTube. So, like, I’m planning to give it a go soon! Would you all, like, support me when I start?

Thinking about it just got me, like, super excited and I couldn’t, like, wait any longer. So, I, like, immediately started working on my very first song. It’s not finished yet, but I’ve been having such a blast during the process!

But, like, there’s this, you know, big issue I’m facing. Making music is, like, super fun, but it takes up, like, so much time. So, I’ve been, like, spending a little less time enjoying cross-dressing. But, you know, I still wanna keep challenging myself with new things. So, like, for a while, the frequency of cross-dressing might, you know, decrease a bit, but I’m planning to, like, seriously focus on music for the first time in a long while.

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

Once my, like, adorable creations from this new adventure are all done, I’ll totally, like, announce it on my cute little blog. So, if you’re up for it, I’d, like, really appreciate all your sweet support!

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