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Hey there, lovelies!
It’s your girl, Crossdresser Yukioko, coming at you with some seriously cute vibes!

I’ve been churning out English articles on this blog for a few months now, and this one marks the twelfth entry in the series. Initially, I started off scribbling in Japanese exclusively for my fellow countrymen. Honestly, I never anticipated that folks from the English-speaking world would swing by this corner of the internet. It’s been quite the pleasant surprise!

The spark that ignited my journey into writing English articles here was like receiving a bouquet of messages in English through the blog’s contact form. It got me thinking, ‘Why not whip up some English content if our English-speaking pals are joining the party?’ Looking back, it feels like I hit the jackpot with that decision!

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

The absolute highlight of writing these English articles, and I can’t emphasize this enough, is the influx of heartwarming messages I’ve been receiving from people all around the globe through that nifty little contact form. It’s been like receiving a virtual hug from the world, and trust me, it warms my heart to no end. Some of these messages have even been quite flirty, which is incredibly flattering, but I can’t help but wonder, ‘With oceans between us, where and how are we ever going to meet?

Another thing that’s been blowing my mind is just how incredibly cooperative the English-speaking community is. At the end of my posts, there’s this snazzy little voting ad, gently nudging readers to click it. To my astonishment, a whopping 40% or more of our lovely visitors are hitting that button! Talk about major motivation boost, right? It’s led me to prioritize updates on the categories that got the most clicks, and let me tell you, these English articles have been on fire lately!

What’s really surprising to me is that the Japanese audience tends to be less cooperative in these matters. Looking at my blog’s historical data, fewer than 10% of readers would view a post and actually click that voting button. As a result, I decided to completely dismantle the image collection section on this blog in the past. I love building this blog with a sense of democracy, you know? It’s a space where both individual voices and collective choices coexist. I used to run these category elections based on the number of votes received, but the lack of participation really wore me out

Also, what really strikes me is that quite a few of our English-speaking friends have been sending messages about music. This might be due to the fact that I dabbled in a few musical ventures and shared some content on video platforms in the past. Originally, music-related posts tended to draw in quite a crowd, so I’d update those quite frequently. Moving forward, I’ll be unleashing a variety of music-themed content in English articles, darling!

This might not be a tale I often share, but back in my school days, I played in a band just for kicks. After performing at a livehouse, I got scouted by folks from a production company, signed up with a music agency, released CDs, and even embarked on tours. So, creating and performing music was both a hobby and a job for me. My manager used to caution me, ‘You’re young, but you’ve got to develop a more professional attitude once you start making money.’ Yeah, I was part of a production company, but I never really shed that playful spirit. You see, it wasn’t that I couldn’t stop playing around; it’s that I chose not to. I firmly believed that if I lost the heart of a young boy, the ROCK inside me would die

In this world, you’ll find plenty of musicians aiming for stardom, and you know what? I don’t knock ‘em one bit. In fact, I respect ‘em. They’re taking their music seriously as a business, and that’s admirable. But I’ve always been a different breed, in every era. All I want to do is express the melodies within me, and mind you, ‘melody’ is just a metaphor. It varies from song to song. There are tunes where I want to emphasize the riffs, others where I want to highlight the lyrical and emotional aspects, and sometimes I even want to put the spotlight on the literal melody and harmony. Luckily, my bandmates share this same philosophy, choosing what we want to do over what sells. And it’s not so much about prioritizing what we want to do, but rather, there was simply nothing else we wanted to do

So, what happened when I brushed off the manager’s advice? Well, our fanbase actually grew even more. Sure, if you pander to the trends of the times, you might snag some new customers, but that’s just temporary, not everlasting. It’s the unchanging, free-spirited expression that has gifted us with strong, enduring connections. What I’ve cherished is not ‘selling out to the times,’ but ‘staying true to myself

But you know, life has its turning points, right? I never had any grand plans of becoming a pro musician in the first place. I was just casually, carefreely strumming away in a band for fun. So, when I got thrust into the pro musician scene out of the blue, well, let’s just say I didn’t exactly have a burning passion for it from the start. And when you’re not genuinely passionate about something, you know there’ll come a day when you’ll want to call it quits. I decided to put my pursuits as a professional musician on hold to focus on climbing the corporate ladder and finding success within the organization as a working professional

I’ve rambled on for quite a bit, but here’s what I firmly believe in: The decisions we make within ourselves must be guarded fiercely against the tides of time and trends. You’ve got to create a guardian to protect the treasure in your heart! As for the structure of this blog, fear not, it won’t change in the future. So, with all your enthusiastic support, I’ll keep churning out plenty more English articles

But wait, darling, let me drop a little bummer on you 😅 My English skills are hovering around a TOEIC score of 820-ish.
So, even though it might seem like I’ve got it all together, don’t be surprised if some quirky mistakes pop up here and there. But hey, let’s cut each other some slack, alright?
By the way, just so you know, even in my Japanese articles, I make a bunch of Japanese mistakes, too!

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]
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