[In English] Temptation and Liberation on the Rooftop

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Hey there, lovelies!
It’s your girl, Crossdresser Yukioko, coming at you with some seriously cute vibes!

Today, darlings, my blog’s got a bit of a different vibe going on, you know? Do any of y’all keep diaries? Me? Well, I’ve been at it since I was 14. But here’s the kicker – it’s not your typical diary with a fancy cover or a diary app. Nope, I’ve been jotting everything down in Excel! 📊 Isn’t that a little out of the ordinary?

Well, as I’m writing this article right now, it’s October 23, 2023 in Japan. You see, I keep a diary, so I can instantly recall past events from October 23, like it’s right there in my mind. See? Diaries are such handy things! I’d recommend one to you too!

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

I was scrolling through some of my past diary entries, particularly those from October 23, and something intriguing caught my eye, causing me to pause for a moment. It was a few years back, back when I was 22 years old on October 23. I found an entry that mentioned me visiting the rooftop of a particular building, and I think it’s worth sharing a bit about it. But wait, before we jump into that story, let me give you a little background about me and rooftops

In Japan, there’s a saying that’s been around long before I was born: “Fools and smoke rise to high places.” You know what? I think that saying is spot on! Why, you ask? Because I happen to love going to high places. In other words, I’m just a bit of a daredevil!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had this thing for climbing up to the rooftops of buildings and gazing down at the world from above. But you see, back when I was a little tyke, there were plenty of buildings where I could climb up to the rooftop. However, when I hit my middle school years, things started to change. Most buildings in Japan began locking the doors to the rooftops, so it got a lot harder to find places where you could ascend to the heavens. Bummer!

But, you know, there’s always an exception to everything, right? If you search hard enough, you’ll find that in any given town, there’s probably at least one tall building where you can still go up to the rooftop. By the way, even now in 2023, near my home, there’s still a building where you can access the rooftop.

Alright, after quite the detour, let’s get back on track with the story. So, a few years back when I was 22, I hopped on my bicycle and headed to a building located just a 7-minute ride from my home. This building was one of the few that allowed rooftop access. Back in the days when I lived nearby, I’d visited that place numerous times. Why, you ask? Well, the view from the rooftop was just breathtaking, and hardly anyone ventured up there. So, when I couldn’t bear the weight of my sorrows, there were days when I’d shed tears up there, where nobody could see me.

On that day, I couldn’t help but sense the end of an era, and it felt rather poignant. You see, when you’re 22 in October, it’s right around the corner from the end of your student days, where the clock is ticking on the freedom to play and the freedom to learn. Those carefree moments, they’re about to face restrictions, right? I’ve always been a lover of freedom, and it was the first time in my life that I felt the weight of soon having limitations imposed on my freedom. But you know what? The outcome was quite different. Even as a working professional, I continue to live life on my own terms, LOL. But back then, I couldn’t have imagined just how free I’d still be

I was just kinda zoning out and soaking in the scenery for a bit, surrendering myself to the flow of time. Today in Japan, it wasn’t all that hot, but on my October 23rd at 22, it was a tad warmer compared to today. While basking in the pleasant rooftop breeze, I gazed at the city, savoring the moments when I didn’t have to think about anything. Well… I tried not to think about anything, but my mind was all cluttered with various thoughts

So, like, I suddenly had this epiphany, ya know? What even is freedom, right? But it’s like, something that everyone knows, but no one really has a straight answer to. I mean, I was just pondering the whole freedom thing from both those angles. And then it hit me—I decided to strip off all my clothes, right there on the rooftop, basking in the breeze in my birthday suit. And it was like, all those deep thoughts just felt kinda silly, ya feel me?

Maybe that was the moment when the wind I felt completely naked gave me something like an answer.

And then I reached for my important parts and boldly masturbated on the rooftop.

While I create pleasant pleasure for myself

Surrounded by sunlight and wind

Whenever you find yourself tangled in some heavy thoughts or endless dilemmas, try this on for size: head on up to a lofty vantage point, take in the view, and who knows, the path ahead might just unfold right before your eyes

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

And that’s a wrap for today, my lovely darlings! Don’t be shy; swing by and see me again

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