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Hey there, lovelies!
It’s your girl, Crossdresser Yukioko, coming at you with some seriously cute vibes!

Today’s been lit from the crack of dawn, ya know? So, I’m gonna spill some tea about that day when I copped all the makeup stuff for my cross-dressing gig. It’s like, a distant memory now, but here goes

Like, if my memory serves me right, the first time I ever snagged my own makeup gear was when I was like 18 or 19, you know? Before that, I was dabbling in makeup, but it was just for those gigs with the band I was into for fun. So basically, I’d be rocking ladies’ clothes at home, but my face was all au naturel, a half-baked attempt at cross-dressing, LOL

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]

So, the first makeup tool I ever splurged on was foundation, right? But like, if you’re into makeup, you’d get it, foundation is like one of those OG makeup must-haves, no denying that. But also, let’s keep it real, it’s not the total game-changer for your face, you feel me? So, like, my first shopping spree left me wanting more, big time!

So, like, I hit up my boo at the time, Yuka (not a dude, by the way), who was my sweet honey back then. I was all, “Girl, spill the tea on makeup!” She schooled me on all things makeup, but you know, I was just a broke college kid, ain’t swimming in cash, and getting everything right off the bat was a bit of a struggle, you feel me?

So, she hit me with this epic idea, you know? In Japan, they sell these things called “Fukubukuro” for New Year’s, kinda like gacha in mobile games. You drop a set amount of cash and snag a mystery bag with who-knows-what inside, right? Well, she suggested I score one from a cosmetics store, ‘cause chances are, it’d be packed with all sorts of makeup goodies. So, I was like, “You know what, girl? Let’s roll with that plan!

So, I snagged that Fukubukuro ASAP, and let me tell you, it was packed to the brim with adorable makeup goodies. I remember being all kinds of satisfied, you know? But here’s the tea – my holy grail item in the makeup game, the eyeliner, was in there, but it wasn’t exactly my vibe in terms of color. So, I had to hit up the store for some extra eyeliner action. That’s how my makeup journey in the world of cross-dressing kicked off, and the rest is history, hun!

Yo, for real though, does your country have those adventurous, mystery-packed items like Japan’s “Fukubukuro” I was talking about earlier? If they do, you should totally consider copping one within your budget, not just for the shopping vibe, but as a form of entertainment, you know? It’s like a kind of gamble that can be hella fun! A few years back, I was all about scoring various “Fukubukuro” myself!

Oh, you gotta hear about my all-time favorite Fukubukuro memory! So, back in January 2018, I hit up this rad secondhand music store in Shinjuku, Tokyo that dealt in rare CDs. I dropped some cash on one of their mystery bags, can’t remember the exact amount, but I’m guessing it was like 4,000 to 5,000 JPY. When I got home and cracked it open, there were 10 CDs inside, and one of them? Man, it was like discovering a hidden treasure! It was this super rare CD, a precious gem from the indie days of a Japanese pop-rock band.

Long story short, I flipped that CD on Mercari for a cool 40,000 JPY! 🤑🎶💰 That Fukubukuro was a real winner!

Totally back on track now! So, today’s story was all about the day I stocked up on makeup goodies. Getting all your makeup stuff together from scratch, let me tell ya, it’s a grind. Once you’re past that initial hurdle, it’s smooth sailing, though. But you know what? For those who don’t cross-dress all that often, makeup gear can go all crusty and unusable, right? I’m personally in the “frequent cross-dressing” club, so I’ve never had that issue, but I’m curious if any fabulous fellow dressers out there have some interesting makeup tales to share. Hit me up through this blog’s form with your fabulous makeup memories!

Well then, make sure you swing by again, alright? I’ll be right here, waiting for ya. Catch you later, bye-bye!

Click here for real crossdressing photos, not artistic interpretations → [here]
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